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Coaching Training

Alliance with TPS a British company through agreements of providing ACTP, ACSTH & CCE ICF certified programs in Kuwait, Gulf, and Middle East region, to be delivered by Harmony International coaching in Arabic & English. We support our trainee in their successful Journey.

  • Professional Coaching Skills L1.

  • Professional Coaching Skills L2.

  • Higher Professional Coaching  Skills L1. 

  • Higher Professional Coaching Skills L2.

  • CCE’s programs in different subjects.

Coaching Sessions

We support your journey self-discovery and bring the harmony between feelings, thoughts, and soul. Activate the life balance, support individuals, groups and organization to start have the best investment in their sources within before looking for the external resources, is one of the primary approaches of BEING of “Harmony International Coaching Company.”

  • Individual (One-One ) sessions in the areas of life and business development.

  • Specialized sessions Executives & leaders and enable them to the skills of the coaching to invest in effective management.

  • coaching teams to empower the harmony of their potential and activate the communication and effective cooperation among team members.

Support Coaches

If you are : 

  • A coach in your certification journey to be certified by ICF.

  • A coach needs mentoring or specific hours. 

  • A coach is looking forward to enhancing your coaching practice. 

  • You would like to become a Certified coach by ICF.

  • You would like to gain and practice coaching skills to implement it in your life or work.  


Professional Assessments 

  • Discover more about your self and others

  • Discover the proper career and specialist.

  • Discover more about your behavior style inside and out. 

  • Discover if your business in balance with self-competencies.

  • Discover what is motivate and demotivate you in life and business. 

  • Discover your 360º Behavioral Profiles.

Through our intranational credentials and partnering with the qualified specialist in the Assessments fields to provide individuals, teams, and organizations with the valued coaching or consultation services.


Mentoring can empower you with : 

  • Increases your self-confidence

  •  learn to take better control of life business and career

  •  speak up and be heard

  •  accept feedback in essential areas, such as communications, technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills

  • Improves interpersonal relationship skills

  •  understand the organization’s culture and unspoken rules, both of which can be critical for success

  •  Side by side to plan and accomplish your dreams.

  •  Empowering your business growth

  •  And more …


Harmony Provide training for public & organizations in different fields with professionals trainers such as : 

  • Strategic Management.

  •  Lead the change. 

  • Creative Leadership.

  • Creativity in the workplace. 

  • Work & life balance.

  • Empower competences within.

  • More….

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