Harmony International coaching based on the trust that human is essential sources of the nation. The trip of human self-discovery and convey the harmony between feelings, ideas, and soul. Activate the life balance, assist individuals and company to begin to have the quality investment in their sources within before searching for the external resources, is one of the critical approaches of BEING of “Harmony International Coaching Company “We faith that human being is the most necessary assets of the nation.

We believe that human being holds

the most crucial resources of the nation.

We trust that there is a great need in Kuwait, GCC, and the Middle East to elevate up the awareness, knowledge and the proper practice of coaching, motivate Harmony to work with the specialist and specialists in the fields. Aligned with capabilities and core of ethics of International Coach Federation ICF, specifically that the enterprise founder is certified train by ICF, with a  belief of the significance of that coaching have the lasting positive remodeling for all life essentials.


Our Vision is to Lead, activate, support and empower Coaching, Training & consultation practices, at all levels of professional and social needs, for individuals and organizations. By international and professional standers, to achieve the consolidation of human values and improve the quality of life and business.


To partnering and exploring the human principles, enable individuals and organizations to discover and activate different resources in line with their desired goals, achieve positive transformation and harmony between future aspirations and potential competencies


In “Harmony International coaching” we consider that Core values are the fundamental beliefs and stable anchor throughout our journey. The following it is not “ALL “but the essential core Value.

  • Honesty

  • Humanity

  • Professionalism

  • Authenticity

  • Quality

  • Success

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